Leah S. Baird

Leah S. Baird is a native of Kentucky and a graduate of Berea College with a degree in Theater. She has been by turns a weaver, a costume designer, a tour guide, an animal handler, a jewelry maker, an actor, a switchboard operator, a corporate drone, and a cash register jockey. She has been telling stories all her life, including the one when she was seven about how it was totally someone else that drew on her jeans with magic marker. She's been getting into trouble over her stories ever since, up to and including getting married because of them.

Currently she lives in Maryland with her partner, Joy, their cat, Tseng, and their action figure collection, Legion. She is a dragon-year Cancer, a believer in mountain folk magic, a player of video games and a baker of cookies. She is not the famous silent film star you will find when you google her name. She enjoys dressing up as other people and talking about herself in the third person. Her hair is often pink. You've probably read some of her fanfic.

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